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Welcome to Aarya Gold Private Limited- A Top Gold Buying Company!

We are here to make your every gold deal easy and hassle-free with our flexible work process as we are one of the old and the best gold buyers in Hyderabad.

Customer Satisfication

We Provide The Highest Quality of service with 100% Satisfaction.

Instant Cash

We Provide The Instant Cash For Gold Jewllery.

Today's Online Price

We Offer @ Todays
Online Price of Gold Jewllery.

Purity Testing

We Provied The Best Purity Testing With The German Karatmeter Machine.


Aarya Gold Private Limited is one of the most reputed and trusted Gold Buying Companies.We buy gold, whether it is used, unused, broken, or old, and offer you the best price for the same. Exactly speaking, we offer you a rate for your valuables following that day’s current online gold rate. Our process is simple and hassle-free, and within no time, you can sell gold with us and earn money out of it.

We offer instant cash for gold or payments in whichever mode you demand, ranging from cheques, fund transfers, RTGS, or any other preferred mode of your choice.

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Our Work Process

We always aim at availing our customers with the fairest price for their gold. We offer the same day’s gold rate for every purchase! Aarya Gold Private Limited provides You Instant Cash for Gold in an Easy Way.

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Bring Your Gold

We accept Gold in any and every form! If you want your gold to earn for you, bring your gold to us irrespective of whether it is broken, used, or unused. We also deal in silver and diamonds. Bring any of these to any of our branches, and take home that day’s current online rates for your valuables.

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Gold Testing Machine

We are for a reason one of the most trusted and the best gold buyers in Hyderabad. Your gold will be measured in your presence by our trained professional staff members. We use a Karat Meter which is a scientific device that assesses the purity of the gold placed in it with X-ray technology.

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Immediate Payment

After the evaluation of your valuables is done, our staff will state an on-spot offer for the same. As soon as, you accept the offer and the deal is sealed, we immediately complete the payment for the sale. You instantly get the cash for gold or other valuables that you have sold us.

India’s No. I Gold Buying Company

Aarya Gold is one of the best Gold Buyers in India, thereby growing with the highest number of customers over multiple branches spread across the country. The establishment is the pioneer gold-buying company with ISO certification. We buy gold of all types, including jewelry, biscuits, and coins, and lend money for releasing pledged gold from financial institutions, NBFCs, brokers, and pawns. Aarya offers instant cash for silver, platinum, and gold. Selling gold at Aarya gold company is easy, simple, and fast.
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We buy @ Online Prices

Aarya Gold is proud to be named the best jewelry buyer company in the country. We are ISO certified gold purchaser company and have uniform and stringent processes across every branch in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Being one of the trusted and most reputed names in the industry of gold buying, we at Aarya Gold purchase gold at the online rate of the same day. Our customers trust us because of the fair garnering of the gold they bring to us and the authentic online prices we offer daily. The gold price calculator of Aarya Gold is based on spot prices of gold per gram. All the rates are displayed in the local time of India. The gold calculator that we supply is a crucial tool for gold enterprises to access the value of the real-gold rate of gold per gram. We purchase Gold of smaller to greater weight and make sure that the payment is made by Cash on the Spot. Here customers feel the best place for the emotional connection that our team offers them. We believe that GOLD is your hard-earned asset and also a valuable asset.

We are your trusted Gold Buyer

Being the trusted gold buyer, we offer the best price for your gold. We purchase gold as well as gold-related items in all forms. So, if you are searching to sell your gold, wish to release your pledge gold loan for the spot cash, or even want to convert gold to cash, our team will ensure that you receive the price the market cannot match. Our services provide all the customers with the feeling of satisfaction after they interact with our team. The team members of Aarya Gold are committed to you and ensure you the best prices for your gold. We treat our clients with dignity, which makes us special. Our reviews talk about most of our services.

Visit any of our branches to experience the services that are delivered by our team. Our branches are open all days except on sundays. We are happy to serve you. Also, we assist you in releasing the pledged gold from pawn brokers/banks. We ensure that the customers are assured of the perfect value they expect from any jewelry buyer. 

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Why Aarya
Gold Company

  • Best Price for your gold
  • Transparent and Honest on evaluation
  • Sell your Gold at Online Price
  • Visibility on Weight 
  • Gold Purity Checking method 
  • Trusted Brand 
  • Professional and well-experienced team
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Sell your gold in just 3 simple stages:

About 02 630 x 519

Walk into our nearest branch with the gold jewelry you wish to sell or maybe the one that is no longer used with requisite documents

With German X-Ray Fluorescence Technology, your gold is evaluated. This provides an on-the-spot analysis of the impurities in the gold. This method is far more accurate than the traditional touchstone and chemical methods.

We at Aarya Gold, price your gold at the day’s declared rate and offer a detailed tax and purchase invoice. Via instant bank payment, we pay you the full value of the gold.

Our Services

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We Buy Gold

Aarya Gold Private Limited is the Top Gold Buyers in India. We buy old or used Gold jewellery from customers. We provide the cash instantly.

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We Buy Gold at Today Online Price

Aarya Gold Private Limited is a Gold Business Company, we buy old Gold or used Gold jewellery and provide you the best market price an easier manner.

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We Release
Pledged Gold

Aarya Gold Private Limited is a Gold Business Company. We help the customer to release their Gold loan & other jewellery from banks, financiers & pawn shops, and We buy back the Gold @ today’s online price.

cashOnGold 1

Get Cash
For Silver

We buy Silver or Silver jewellery from customers at best market price. We provide the cash instantly as your convenience.To give the customer the Highest Value for their Old/New Unusable, Unwanted Silver Jewellery items.

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Cash For Diamond Jewellery

We buy Diamond jewellery from customers at best market price. We provide the cash instantly.Our main focus is providing the highest quality of Service. We are Friendly, Transparent, Fast, and Fair.

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Simple way to sell your old gold and avail cash instantly at Aarya Gold

Located in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, Aarya Gold is one of the best gold-buying companies in India, offering maximum returns and instant cash for gold and gold-related items such as jewelry, bullion, coins, and also diamond, and silver jewelry. Also, the company provides additional services such as gold financing, release-pledge gold, and pledge gold transfer.


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I have searched for the best price in all the other gold buying companies but got the best price in aarya gold they are very transparent and quick service. Quick response staff and best service.
Thanks to Aarya gold pvt ltd himayat nagar branch.
Soumya Pallerla
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Very polite staff receiving was very nice quick service got best price and good value for my gold i am very much satisfied with aarya gold
Venkatesh Reddy
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I have searched for best price in all the other gold buying companies but got best price in aarya gold they are very transparent and quick service
Bandi Harathi
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My gold was pledged at kamareddy in Axis bank. It's 100 km far away from Hyd. I want to release my pledged gold from the bank . I am in need of money. I contacted Aarya gold and they helped me to release my pledged gold. The employee named Babu who came with me to kmr had a lot of patience and greater communication. Finally I felt very happy .
Tatoba Kolekar
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Excellent service, very transparent and best value given for our gold I highly recommend aarya gold .
Leena Prashad
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Service us very well, a satisfied customer..would recommend to others for fast service in an emergency.

Warning :

Trying to sell stolen or suspicious gold articles is a criminal offence, sellers must provide proper documentation to transact. We do not entertain minors under any circumstances to sell gold. Indiviuals between the age 18 – 21 years must have consent of their family members to transact. Verification will be done if necessary. Aarya Gold reserves all rights to reject any transaction, if found suspicious and can be reported to the appropriate agency.