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Our Vision

The vision of Aarya Gold is to set up the business of gold buying in a professional manner. Immediate cash against your gold is paid. Clearly, we wish to set a milestone in the used/old gold buying business and ensure that our customers receive the current market value easily and transparently. The underlying principles here are Openness, Transparency, and Honesty. We take pride to be one of the quickest-growing Gold buyers in today’s market who offer the highest price of gold in cash.

Aarya Gold - Branches

Are you in search of the right place to sell your gold? We are always at your service. In quite a short span of its business and the past few years, Aarya Gold Company opened several branches all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Now sell gold at the current rates and receive instant payment by visiting your nearby branches of Arya Gold. Also, we have our hands on silver and diamond jewelry and help our customers to release pledged gold. Arya Gold is a well-known establishment that acts as the one-stop destination serving its customers both locally as well as in other parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In Telangana, it occupies some of the most prominent locations. You can communicate effortlessly with this establishment because there are different modes of transportation available readily if you wish to visit our stores. Connect with us today, your most trusted and top gold buyer!


We aim to provide financial assistance to our customers who wish for instant cash for their gold jewelry hassle-free for the best price. have branches in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. You can visit our nearby store to get cash for the gold at the present online price. Also, we put our hands on silver and diamonds and offer you instant payment for the same. The world-class business environment of Arya Gold helps the needy who wish to sell their gold in a transparent environment with the best possible rates in every mode of payment ranging from RTGS, fund transfer, cheques, or any other mode as per their convenience and needs. The prime motto of our company is 100% customer satisfaction

Our Service Includes

Sell Gold For Cash

Old Gold Buyers

Exchange Gold For Cash

Release Your Pledged Gold

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If you wish to sell antique gold jewelry, want a reliable firm for selling your gold, or wish to sell gold coins, Aarya Gold Company is your best option. You can visit our branches located all over Telangana and Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh or may call us at +91 9703500600.

Why Us?


We evaluate your gold value


We Maintain our customers’ trust and transparency throughout the process


Get the old gold buyback advantage with us


 Receive the full value of your Gold

What makes us stand out in the competition across South India?

We use purity-checking machines made of German technology with great precision

Purity checking of the gold jewelry is done with full transparency right in front of the customers

Guaranteed the highest and unmatched rate for your treasured gold

There are no hidden costs or extra deductions

Call us now and begin earning with Gold today!